Accessibility Policy

Our aim at Maldon Town Council is to ensure that our website is as accessible as possible allowing all visitors to enjoy the same high quality level of service and experience, regardless of physical or technical ability.

As a result this website has been carefully designed and constructed, and utilises a number of elements which enhance accessibility.

Changing font size

This website uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which enables visitors to change the font size and style sheet to enhance their personal browsing experience. Changing the size of the font, and managing the style sheet, varies depending according to the type of browser and Operating System. Information of how to do this can normally be found in the browser's help section. There are also icons to increase the font size at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Using Custom Style Sheets

As this site is built using CSS, you can also set your own custom stylesheet (depending on your browser). Details of how to do this can normally be found in your browsers help section.


On many pages of this site there may be primary and secondary navigation. These are both visually, and structurally separated for each of use.


Forms on this site will use "fieldset" and "legend" tags (where applicable), and also makes use of "label" tags.


This site uses scripting to offer an enhanced user experience. However, we have taken great care to ensure that wherever scripts are used, they degrade gracefully, and that an accessible solution is always provided wherever possible.

Help us to improve

At Maldon Town Council we are keen, not only to provide an accessible site today, but to continue to provide an accessible site in the future.

We welcome any feedback regarding our website, or accessibility policy, and encourage users to alert us to issues which could be improved.

If you have any feedback regarding the accessibility of our website then please contact:

Maldon Town Council
Town Hall, Market Hill,
Maldon, Essex, CM9 4RL

Or email

css# Accessibility