Committees & Meetings

The Council at the Annual Meeting will appoint various standing committees and at any other time appoint such other committees as are necessary consisting of elected councilors who will conduct the committee meetings throughout the year.

The Town Council has three main committees  that meet regularly at 7.30pm in the Town Hall; these are the Planning Committee that comments on planning applications made to the District Council; the Finance & General Purpose Committee and the Environment committee.

Each committee typically comprises of 7 elected councillors to site on them,  although all councillors may attend if they wish, and has an elected Chairman and Vice Chairman. If it is deemed necessary, sub-committee or working parties may be convened to progress specific issues and report back to the relevant Committee of the Council.


The Town Council meets several times throughout the year. There may be occasions when additional meetings are held to discuss specific topics. The meetings are normally held in the Conference Room, Maldon Town Hall, and start at 7.30pm.

Meetings normally last up to two hours, depending on the number of topics to be discussed. An agenda will be published, (available online) around 5 days before each meeting, and meetings are minuted by the Clerk, and these are available for public inspection, (available online), once they have been ratified at the subsequent meeting.

Scheduled meetings are carried out in public and the public are most welcome at regular council meetings.  The way in which the public may participate in meetings are subject to a number of government regulations, as explained below.

  • The initial ten minutes of each regular council meeting are set aside for public participation.
  • It should be noted that under local government regulations only persons registered on the electoral roll are permitted to speak.
  • Visitors will be able to speak for a maximum of two minutes each within the allotted ten minutes.  If several visitors wish to express similar views it is suggested that a spokesman will then speak on behalf of the group.
  • When visitors wishing to speak arrive at the meeting they should give their names to the Clerk and say that they wish to speak.
  • The Clerk will accept the first five names given.
  • To avoid arguments and keep the length of meetings to a reasonable level, councillors will not enter into discussion with visitors during the ten minutes allocated for public participation.
  • Topics raised will normally be placed on the Town Council agenda for the next meeting, unless the Chairman decides that the matter is very urgent in which case it will be discussed under "Any other matters which the Chairman considers urgent" at the end of the meeting.
  • Apart from the initial participation session, the public are not allowed to speak in the meeting, which is also a local government regulation.

To see the Meeting calendar or to access agendas or minutes please visit the Minutes, Meetings & Agenda calendar.

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