Council Services

Maldon Town St Peters tree carving Maldon Town Councillors Planning Meeting Maldon Town Garden at the Plume building
Sculpture in St. Peters Garden A Meeting St. Peter's Garden

Responsibility for services in Maldon is divided between various councils.  The Maldon District and Essex County Councils are responsible for health, police, education, public transport, highways, and waste collection amongst many other things.

The Town Council has primary responsibility for:

  1. Local amenities - such as:
    - the Town Hall
    - the Moot Hall
    - the Plume Building
    - the churchyards of St. Peter's, All Saints and St. Marys
    - the War Memorial
    - the Pump on Cromwell Hill
    - Market Hill Garden
    - Leech Memorial Garden
    - Ware Pond 
    - various gardens, parcels of land and play areas 

  2. Local services - such as:
    - managing allotments
    - bus shelters & footpath lighting
    - promotion of the town
    - grant support to local organisations

  3. Local events – such as:
    - Remembrance service
    - Christmas lights
    - Maldon in Bloom 

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