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Whilst Maldon Town Council is very proud of its achievements in providing high quality services and facilities, which is recognised by achieving a Quality Town Council award, much of this would not be possible without the various partnerships between the Town Council and other organisations such as the Maldon Disctrict Council, Essex County Council and various Friends, Charities and Local Groups.

These partnerships allow the town to organise dozens of major events each year such as the Maldon Mud race, the Oyster Festival, the Maldon Town Carnival and many more. Equally, they help us preserve our historic buildings, museums, heritage centres and leisure facilities for the pleasure, education and enjoyment for Maldon residents and visitors.

If you think your organisation should be listed, please email

Local Community Groups

Maldon Town Council works with and supports many local groups and charities who are staffed largely by volunteers who are passionate about their group and freely giving their time and effort for the benefit of the whole community. The following is a list of local community groups and charity who share our vision and commitment to make Maldon a town that we can be proud of. If your group is not represented, please email


Organisation Website Contact
Blackwater Sailing Club 01621 853923
Friends of All Saints 01621 843259
Friends of Moot Hall 07711 985 540
Friends of Thomas Plume's Library 01621 854850
Maldon Film Club 01621 869340
Mac Theatre Group
Maldon Carnival Association
Rotary Club
Scout Association 01621 840805
Maldon Business Association
Maldon Twinning
01621 850607












Local Services & Advice

The town of Maldon due to its location has its own unique requirements for services, medical facilities and advice centres. The following is a list of local services and advice points: If your organisation is not represented, please email


Organisation Website Contact
Adult Community College 01621 853337
All Saints Primary School 01621 853519
Blackwater Surgery 0844 499 6635
Carmelite Youth Centre 01621 851870
Citizens Advice Bureau 01621 841195
Daisy Chain Day Care 01621 855591
Longfields Surgery 0844 477 3172
Maldon Children’s Centre 01621 851590
Maldon Connexions Centre 01621 853552
Maldon Library 01621 841091
Maldon Locality Youth Office 01621 841099
Maldon Primary School 01621 853409
Maldon Social Services Local Office 0845 603 7630
Maldon Tourist Information Centre 01621 856503
St Francis Catholic Primary School 01621 856698
St Peters Hospital 0844 822 0002
Watership Down Nursery School 01621 858478
Wentworth Primary School 01621 853572
West Maldon Community Centre 01621 853383

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