Local Groups

Maldon Town Council works with and supports many local groups and charities who are staffed largely by volunteers who are passionate about their group and freely giving their time and effort for the benefit of the whole community. The following is a list of local community groups and charity who share our vision and commitment to make Maldon a town that we can be proud of. If your group is not represented, please email townclerk@maldontowncouncil.gov.uk:

Organisation Website Contact
Blackwater Sailing Club www.blackwatersailingclub.org.uk 01621 853923
Friends of All Saints http://www.allsaintsmaldon.com/the-friends-of-all-saints.php 01621 843259
Friends of Moot Hall http://maldonmoothall.org.uk/ 07711 985 540
Friends of Thomas Plume's Library http://www.thomasplumeslibrary.co.uk 01621 854850
Maldon Film Club www.maldonfilmclub.info 01621 869340
Mac Theatre Group www.mactheatre.co.uk info@mactheatre.co.uk
Maldon Carnival Association http://www.maldon-carnival.co.uk/ mailto:info@maldon-carnival.co.uk
Maldon & Heybridge Horticultural Society


Rotary Club www.rotary-ribi.org
Scout Association 01621 840805
Maldon Business Association www.maldonbusinessassociation.co.uk admin@maldonbusinessassociation.co.uk
Maldon Twinning Association www.twinninglink.org maldontwinning@gmail.com

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