Town Allotments

Maldon Town AllotmentsThere are three allotment sites in Maldon managed by the Maldon Town Council - Maldon Hall a statuary allotment site; Brickhouse Farm in the first year of a new twenty five year old lease from the District Council which gained the land as part of a section 106 agreement and Warwick Crescent which is leased annually from a housing association.

These are currently approximately 160 plots in total within the three sites with waiting list of at least three years for all sites. All three sites have notice boards and water tanks provided by the Town Council.

Allotments are very important to the residents of Maldon, of whom many spend hours throughout the year cultivating their plots. In recent years the allotments have become so popular, and the waiting list for plots is now so long, that the town council has negotiated to lease additional land at the Brickhouse Farm site to extend the site. A successful bid for a grant from the District Council towards the ground preparation has been confirmed and work on the project will be commencing shortly. A request for a plot was received from Buddies Children’s Centre based in the adjacent buildings. A plot will be allocated to them but, to ensure the safety of these pre-school children, their plot will be fenced. Buddies will be encouraging the children’s parents and grandparents to become involved in the cultivation of the plot which will show the children where some of their food comes from. The Town Council also supplies tenants with an annual newsletter.

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