Design a Flower Bed

Maldon in bloom plant a flowerbed projectThis year four primary schools are again involved in the Maldon/Anglia in Bloom campaign and have taken part in a competition within the individual schools to design a flower bed. The winning design from each of the schools was then used as the design for four flower beds in the following locations in the town: Promenade Park, St. Peter's Churchyard and two schools sites in London Road and Viking Way.

Sue Finch, a working party member and member of staff of the Maldon District Council Parks Department, and her colleague Frazer Coppin assisted the pupils with their design by providing layout graphs and plant choices. They then visited the children in their class rooms through the Spring to demonstrate how to sow and then prick out their seeds and finally the children planted their colourful flower beds in early June.

Wentworth Primary School and All Saints primary schools planted their flowerbeds on their school sites so the pupils could help maintain their flowerbeds by weeding and watering and watching their flowers grow. Maldon Court planted their flowerbed in St. Peter's Churchyard in the centre of the town and Maldon Primary School's flowerbed is in the Promenade Park

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