Sponsored Hanging Baskets

Maldon in Bloom Hanging BasketsThe Maldon Town Council has again supported the Maldon in Bloom campaign by making provisions for 110 hanging baskets and mangers located in and around the town centre.

The basket and mangers were offered to retailers, schools and the public sector for £35 per basket/manger. This price included a bracket being fixed on their premises and the baskets being watered three times a week from the end of May until the end of September.

The Maldon in Bloom working party was delighted that so many of the independent businesses were able to support the scheme this year.

The hanging baskets, floral boat sited in the lower end of the High Street and additional planters in St. Peter's Churchyard, Market Hill, the War Memorial, All Saints Churchyard and car parks in the town have all contributed to further improve the overall appearance of the High Street and the Town Centre.

This year the Maldon in Bloom working party has, in addition to the sponsored hanging baskets, purchased planters for six lamp columns at the lower end of the High Street and outside All Saints Church. Over the winter the lamp columns were tested for the planters and a licence applied for from Essex County Council Highways. This is a long-term project and the working party is intending to purchase additional planters each year. The District Council has also purchased two new planters for the entrance to the White Horse Lane Car Park which are now planted and in place.

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