Churchyards and Burial Grounds

St Peters ChurchyardMaldon Town Council is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the three closed churchyards in the town, St. Mary's, St. Peter's and All Saints, and the War Memorial.

St. Peter's Churchyard

In 2005, after receiving financial assistance, work commenced on St. Peter’s Churchyard, the only green space within the centre of the town, to transform this derelict space into a beautiful, peaceful haven to be used by residents and visitors to the town.

During the renovations an unusual tomb, surrounded by railings, was restored with the aid of grant funding. The tomb belonged to a member of one of Maldon’s well known historical families. Edward Bright was the “Fat Man of Maldon” and a sculpture depicting him can be seen in the Kings Head Courtyard.

Improvements have been taking place throughout the year. These include the installation of interpretation and notice boards and the placements of memorial benches and plants.

In June 2009, as a community project, students training with the Blackwater Vocational Project planted the central flower beds after being re-designed to improve the all year around colour of the garden.

St. Mary’s Churchyard

A long term cooperative strategy between Maldon Town Council and the St. Mary's  Parochial Church Council has been drawn up to protect and improve this historic, overgrown churchyard which overlooks the River Blackwater and adjacent is to transform the churchyard into a tranquil garden of remembrance and community amenity area.

Currently the initial landscaping work is taking place in the churchyard. After receiving the advice of the District Council Tree Officer, trees, shrubs and other vegetation have been removed or reduced to open up the area and make it more visitor friendly. Many different species of Holly have been discovered and it is hoped that once trimmed they will thrive and provide a unique collection to be enjoyed by all. The heavy work is being undertaken by contractors but volunteers from the Church have formed a Working Party and have been busy reducing the vegetation and uncovering lost tombs in the undergrowth.

Leech Memorial Garden

In 1974, Edna and Joan Leech, who lived in Lodge Road, Maldon, were killed in a plane crash. In their will they gave their garden to the residents of, and visitors to, Maldon and money was provided for the care of the garden.  Their actions secured the gardens future as a haven of peace and tranquillity for the future generations and the garden has been enjoyed by young and old people for 35 years.

In 2006 a Friends Group was established to promote interest in the garden and to supplement work already done as part of the Town Council’s maintenance contract. The majority of members of the Friends Group live in the adjacent road. This year regular working parties, meeting on the first Saturday of every month, have cleared dead undergrowth planted donated trees and shrubs, planted a selection of bulbs around the garden and uncovered paths from the original garden.

This quiet, hidden garden is a haven for wildlife and offers magnificent views over water meadows and the reed beds of the River Blackwater. The Friends Group hope their efforts will add to the gardens natural, magical charm so that it continues to give pleasure to the residents of Maldon in future.

Maldon Cemetery

Maldon Cemetery is more than just a cemetery, it is a peaceful and tranquil public open space were people can walk or sit and enjoy the peace and quiet or listen to birds singing, away from the hustle of the town . It is also a haven for wildlife. The covered seating area in the primrose garden is a welcome addition in inclement weather and links the woodland to the burial area.

Woodlands glades

Woodlands Glades, a natural burial ground, is an area for those who wish to be buried in natural surroundings providing a quiet area of natural beauty where ultimately a woodland will take the place of gravestones. The Friends of the Woodland Glades, set up shortly after the first burials took place provided invaluable assistance with the development of the site, culminating in the creation of the pond area.

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