Other Areas

Maldon in BloomThere are numerous other areas in Maldon, such as car parks, industrial areas and roundabouts, that contain displays participating in the Maldon in Bloom competition.

Maldon car parks and roundabouts

Maldon’s town car parks are maintained by Maldon District Council

  • Butt Lane car park
  • The new planters-White Horse lane car park
  • Hythe Quay car park
  • Promenade car park
  • Tesco car park
  • High Street East car park

Maldon’s roundabouts are sponsored by local businesses and maintained by Maldon District Council. Morrison roundabout, which is sponsored by Maldon Tile and Bathroom Centre, is currently being re-planted

  • Tesco roundabout- Fullbridge
  • Mundon Road roundabout

Maldon industrial areas

  • Wycke Hill, industrial estate
  • Fullbridge  industrial estate

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