Maldon Mud Race

Maldon Mud RaceThere is probably nothing quite like it in the world, competitors racing through the unforgiving Blackwater river mud to complete the Maldon Mud Race. The town’s famous ‘Maldon Mud Race’ is held annually at the end of December or early January in Maldon’s Promenade Park.

This event began in 1973, when a local man was challenged to don a tuxedo to serve a meal on the bank of the river.  This later led to a race across the river where locals had to drink a pint from a waiting barrel of beer before racing back again.

The Maldon Mud Race today is a charity event where participants come from all around the world to race across 500 yards of icy cold River Blackwater at low tide. The event sees thousands of spectators meeting to watch participants, mostly wearing outrageous fancy dress costumes race to raise money for charity.

The Mud Race is a sponsored event organised by Maldon Mud Race Ltd the limited company and registered charity for the event.  Competitors can choose their own charities for half of the money they raise with the other half going to local community charities selected by Maldon Mud Race Ltd.

The 2010 Maldon Mud Race, which was scheduled to take place on Tuesday 28th December was postponed due to adverse weather conditions and took place on Monday 25th April 2011.

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