Mayor's Functions

The Town Mayor, attends numerous events throughout the course of his or her duties and if often to be seen in the community supporting or promoting various good causes, charities and Council initiatives. Whilst not an exhaustive list, the following are the principal events that the Town Mayor attends:

Town Mayor’s Sunday
A civic church service is usually held shortly after the Town Mayor has become elected.  It can be held at a church in Maldon of the Mayor’s choice.  Local dignitaries, Town, District and County Councillors, Past Mayors, the local MP, JP’s, and representatives from local organisations are invited.  The Town Mayor is invited to undertake one of the readings within the service. Refreshments are generally served in the church after the service. 

Cabbie Day
The Town Mayor and Mayoress, Deputy Mayor and Councillors welcome the taxis from outside the Moot Hall as the drive through Maldon.  The Mayor is robed and the Macebearer is in attendance.  The Town Mayor then takes part in the day’s activities, sharing lunch with the children which is hosted by the Plume School, and then taking part in the activities at the Promenade Park provided for the children. 

Carnival Day 
This is one of the principal Mayoral occasions within the year.  The Town Mayor hosts a lunch for visiting dignitaries, particularly Mayors and Civic Ambassadors from other towns and Boroughs and local guests.  After lunch guests have the opportunity to watch the Carnival Procession from the Moot Hall.  Guests are then invited to follow the procession to the Promenade Park to enjoy the arena activities. 

Remembrance Sunday
The Town Mayor takes part in the town’s remembrance ceremony at the War Memorial; he will lay a wreath and take part in the service.  After the ceremony, a service of remembrance is held in either the United Reform Church or All Saints’ Church  The Mayor is invited to undertake one of the readings within the Service of Remembrance.  If this service is being held at the URC, then the Town Mayor salutes the parade as it marches to the church. 

Switch on of Christmas Lights
The Town Mayor turns the Christmas Lights on the Saturday before the 1st Victorian Evening (1st and 2nd Thursday in December).  All Saints’ church takes part, the Vicar is invited to say a few words, a band is invited to play and carols are sung and the Mayor (or children of his choice) turns on the lights after a count down.  In 2008, a winter carnival parade was held for the first time and this follows directly after the Switch on ceremony. 

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