Other Local Representatives

In addition to the Maldon Town Councillors, Maldon is fortunate to have a number of other representatives with other bodies, who are involved with ensuring the town and the wider region get the services, funding, facilities and support it deserves.


MP. Mr John Whittingdale MP www.johnwhittingdale.org.uk


MEP Mr Geoffrey Van Orden www.easternregionconservativemeps.co.uk
 Essex County Council member
Councillor Mrs Penny Channer website link
District Councillors who represent Maldon
North Ward:
Councillor Reverend Tony Shrimpton website link
Councillor Mike Pearlman website link
West Ward:
Councillor Mark Heard website link
Councillor David N Williams website link
South Ward:
Councillor Andrew T Cain website link
Councillor Mrs Brenda Harker website link
East Ward:
Councillor Stephen J Savage website link

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