Quality Town Council

What is a Quality Town Council Scheme?

Quality Council award logoThe Quality Town Council scheme was launched in June 2003, following the publication of the Governments Rural White Paper, 2000. The scheme was designed to provide benchmark minimum standards for parish and town councils and to enable them to better represent the communities they serve. The scheme also aims to give enhanced relationships between local councils, principal authorities and community and voluntary sector organisations.

In order to achieve Quality status, parish and town councils must demonstrate that they have reached the standard required by passing several tests.

  • Electoral Mandate
  • Qualifications of the Town Clerk
  • Council meetings conducted in accordance with all regulations
  • Regular communications with residents of the town
  • Provision of an Annual Report
  • Properly administered Accounts
  • Code of Conductfor members
  • Promoting local democracy and citizenship
  • Provision of training for councillors and staff

The tests exceed the statutory duties of parish and town councils and represent the standards that an efficient, well run town council should achieve.

Maldon Town Council and the Quality Council Scheme

The Town Council first achieved Quality Council status in 2004, being in the first 5 in the county to obtain this accreditation. Re accreditation takes place every 4 years, and for this second round, the requirements were increased. The Council had to provide evidence that it is fulfilling certain criteria and using best practice over the various different areas of its activities, (listed above).

The Town Council’s status was recently renewed and residents can be assured that its Town Council is operating correctly, both legally and ethically, and that it is able to represent their interests.

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