Role of the Council

Maldon Town Council represents the interests of the residents and businesses of Maldon in the provision of local services and liaises with other bodies involved in local government - the District Council and the County Council - and in national government.

Responsibility for services is divided between the various councils. The District and County Councils are responsible for health, police, education, public transport, highways, and waste collection amongst many other things.

The Town Council represents Maldon in all these matters with particular interest in:

  • Local Planning - the Council must be consulted about all planning applications in our area which covers anything from satellite dishes to new developments and affordable housing.
  • Transport planning
  • Economic development
  • Community projects
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Allotments - the Town Council has ownership of the allotments in Maldon.
  • Environmental Improvements - the Council initiates specific projects to improve the environment within Maldon.
  • Community Safety issues - the Council is always looking to ways we can improve community safety and works with the Police on a number of specific projects.
  • Finance - the Council is funded by a small additional charge on the Council Tax called a precept.

The Town Council has primary responsibility for:

  • Local amenities - such as the Town Hall, Moot Hall, various gardens, the war memorial, cemeteries , churchyards, various parcels of land, play areas and public toilets
  • Local services - such as managing allotments, community services, CCTV, emergency planning, town twinning, bus shelters, footpath lighting, promotion of the town and grant support to local organisations
  • Local events – such as Remembrance services, Christmas lights, Maldon in Bloom and many others that are supported by various organisations.

The Town Council is made up of 15 elected councillors, which includes a Mayor and Deputy Mayor, with supporting council officers that includes the Town Clerk and other administrative support staff.


pdf attachment icon Maldon Town Standing Orders - Download a document giving details of Maldon Town Council’s Standing Orders. [pdf 260kb]


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