Vision & Values

Our vision sets out our aspirations for Maldon. Our vision statement is:

‘to make Maldon an outstanding town
in Essex, with opportunities for all’

Our values define the kind of organisation we are now and want to be in future. Central to our values is a commitment to listening to what people say, acting with integrity, valuing our staff and citizens and delivering outstanding public services. That’s why our values are:

  • Listening and engaging
  • We will actively seek our customers’ views, suggestions and comments
  • We will treat our customers as individuals, with dignity and respect
  • We will consult our residents and businesses on major changes and involve them in the things that matter to them
  • We will respond positively to feedback and learn from comments and complaints that local people have

Open and transparent

  • We will be honest, open and consistent in everything we do, so that people can trust us
  • We will be accountable and take responsibility for our actions
  • We will demonstrate responsive, impartial and fair leadership
  • We will make sure we deliver good value for money

Investing in our people

  • We will work as one team
  • We will treat all our colleagues with dignity, honesty, fairness and respect
  • We will expect our managers to lead and inspire staff
  • We will give staff real involvement in service planning, development and improvement
  • We will give staff the opportunity to work flexibly to balance their work and family lives

Investing in our communities

  • We will recognise our role as a community leader and lead by example
  • We will focus on the issues of greatest importance to the communities we serve
  • We will promote and celebrate the diversity of individuals and cultures across the borough
  • We will make council services accessible and tailored to the needs of all sections of the community

Aiming to be outstanding

  • We will become an outstanding council, constantly developing and improving our services
  • We will embrace change, new ideas and innovation and seek opportunities to learn from others
  • We will set ourselves challenging performance targets
  • We will act as one council to deliver our vision for the benefit of everyone living and working in Maldon



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